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1. Window fittings

Window handles

Balcony handles

Mullion connectors, displacing blocks, slides, mullion covers

Base bads, distance pads, blades for glazing


Anti-theft alarm for windows and doors 110 dB

2. Door fittings

Door handles

Security handles

Stainless steel handles and pull handles

Hinges and latches

Locks for doors, stricking plates


Connectors for door frames

Weld corner inserts, thresholds and thresholds connectors, XPS and EPS profiles, other products

3. Mounting accessories

Tapes and membranes for RAL montage

Anchors, fixing wedges

4. Chemicals for windows and doors



5. Sliding door systems

6. Furniture accessories and glass accesories

Glass accessories
Furniture legs and handles
Screws and bolts